Mortgage broker jobs in Australia

Mortgage broker jobs in Australia

Mortgage broker jobs in Australia. If you want to become a mortgage broker in Australia you are in luck. The mortgage broker industry is thriving. The property market is booming and buyers are using a mortgage broker to obtain a mortgage more than ever before.

Mortgage broker jobs

Mortgage broker jobs are available for good and qualified candidates. You must have completed a Certificate IV in mortgage broking to qualify to be a mortgage broker in Australia. Once you have this then you have the minimum requirement to be a mortgage broker.

mortgage broker job description

Mortgage broker job description for reputable mortgage brokers is typically as follows:

Key responsibilities and accountabilities of the position

  • Handle telephone and email queries relating to home loans and other types of finance.
  • Meet with clients to discuss their finance needs.
  • Assess mortgage and finance enquiries.
  • Prepare, submit & monitor progress of loan applications.
  • Check client documentation is correct and complete prior to loan application submission.
  • Liaise with lenders, solicitors, agents and others directly about the clients loans application.
  • Liaise with others including lender business development managers about any loan scenarios, issues/problems.
  • Maintain systems, diaries and CRM data and tasks to ensure NCCP Act compliance and process efficiency.
  • Manage multiple loan settlement deadlines.
  • Attend training and lending development days to improve mortgage and finance knowledge & skills.
  • Monitor changes in lender policies and the Australian lending market.
  • Provide an outstanding customer service experience from enquiry to after settlement support.
  • Other duties as requested.

Mortgage broker position requirements

  • Certificate IV or diploma in Mortgage Broking
  • Previous experience and success as a mortgage broker, finance broker or bank branch loan officer an advantage
  • A ability to deliver exceptional customer service
  • A passion to help people achieve their goals
  • Excellent relationship building skills
  • Are proactive, passionate and self‐motivated

Key responsibilities and accountabilities & Mortgage broker position requirements taken from Oak Laurel mortgage broker job job website.

Mortgage broker jobs Sydney

Mortgage broker jobs Sydney. There are mortgage broker jobs available in Sydney where the property market has been increasing in price quickly. Due to this the average size of mortgages in Sydney is large and has risen in recent times.

Mortgage broker jobs Melbourne

Mortgage broker jobs Melbourne. There is also mortgage broker jobs available in Melbourne. Melbourne’s property market has also been booming with house prices rising. Melbourne will be Australia’s most populous city in the future as more and more people move to Melbourne meaning the demand mortgage broker jobs in Melbourne is likely to increase in the future.

Mortgage broker jobs Brisbane

Mortgage broker jobs Brisbane. Though Brisbane does not have the population as big as Sydney or Melbourne there is still a lot of demand for mortgage brokers in Brisbane. Brisbane’s population is also increasing and Brisbane is a great place to live and buy property and thus demand for mortgage brokers in Brisbane is also increasing.